Saturday, July 17, 2010


Details about ClustrMaps

  • Know your visitors: See the worldwide distribution of your site's visitors at a glance. Although many other statistical and analytic packages show you lots of detail, only ClustrMaps shows you such a large 'gestalt' overview in such a tiny space.
  • Target your content: You may be surprised to learn that you have such a large audience in (say) South America, Northern Europe or China. Now you can find out, and adjust your content, your pitch, or your advertising accordingly!
  • Show off your community: Display your ClustrMaps widget as a 'badge of pride' on your site so that everyone can see at a glance how the community is distributed. Some rival tools do not let you make this information public, but sites deploying ClustrMaps love to show off their readership!
  • Automatic: clicks optional: Visitors to your site do not need to click on anything in order to be counted properly. Just visiting your site is sufficient. Of course, visitors can optionally click on the little thumbnail map widget and be taken to a large world map view for additional detail.
  • Speedy, scalable: Fancier interactive maps are great, but can grind to a halt when the numbers of dots to display get very large (hundreds, thousands, or even millions in our case). ClustrMaps displays instantly, because all images are pre-computed, and scales up to millions of dots, because we use our own proprietary clustering algorithm to group the dots intelligently.[more]
Why wait for anything else. Get you Clustrmaps now.

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