Friday, August 6, 2010


If you want to locate the IP address of visitors to your web page, then you can use Google Gadgets to get one for you.
Get your IP address locater here

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Saturday, July 17, 2010


Details about ClustrMaps

  • Know your visitors: See the worldwide distribution of your site's visitors at a glance. Although many other statistical and analytic packages show you lots of detail, only ClustrMaps shows you such a large 'gestalt' overview in such a tiny space.
  • Target your content: You may be surprised to learn that you have such a large audience in (say) South America, Northern Europe or China. Now you can find out, and adjust your content, your pitch, or your advertising accordingly!
  • Show off your community: Display your ClustrMaps widget as a 'badge of pride' on your site so that everyone can see at a glance how the community is distributed. Some rival tools do not let you make this information public, but sites deploying ClustrMaps love to show off their readership!
  • Automatic: clicks optional: Visitors to your site do not need to click on anything in order to be counted properly. Just visiting your site is sufficient. Of course, visitors can optionally click on the little thumbnail map widget and be taken to a large world map view for additional detail.
  • Speedy, scalable: Fancier interactive maps are great, but can grind to a halt when the numbers of dots to display get very large (hundreds, thousands, or even millions in our case). ClustrMaps displays instantly, because all images are pre-computed, and scales up to millions of dots, because we use our own proprietary clustering algorithm to group the dots intelligently.[more]
Why wait for anything else. Get you Clustrmaps now.


Live traffic analysis for your web site : watch each visitor in real time.

  1. Web-Stat is a professional traffic analysis package with guaranteed uptime, reliability and full support.
  2. Web-Stat is an independent third-party not affiliated with Google, Yahoo or Microsoft. As such it allows you to track the results of your Google Adwords, Yahoo or other advertising campaigns objectively and independantly.
  3. Web-Stat's data is not derived from your server logs which makes it much more precise than traffic stats supplied by your host which tend to overestimate your traffic.
  4. Web-Stat offers many features that you will simply not find in competing packages.

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Why choose CounterCow?

WidgetCow's CounterCow is a free web counter that is super easy to install - in less than a minute you can have it running on your website or Blog! They ask for no personal information, send no spammy emails, and you can be sure there are no hidden charges or any other surprises. To get started, simply fill in the form , select your preferences, get your own web-counter code and begin tracking how many times you have been viewed!


These web counters are 100% free and will never cost you anything EVER!
Only 3 steps and you're ready to go:
  1. Select the style you want
  2. Enter your details
  3. Paste the code on your website, blog or forum
That's it!
And they don't require your email address, which means that they'll never contact you. All they need to know is:
  • The page that it's on (to identify your site from other users)
  • The style you want (your choice below)
  • The starting count (anything you want)
  • What to count (unique visitors or page views)
  • How many digits you want to show
  • Whether or not you want visitors to see your stats.
That's it. Nothing else!


No E-Mail, Registration, or Personal Information Needed!
Looking for a quick and simple (AND 100% FREE!!) way to keep track of your web page visitors? Well you found it! is your source for high quality, quick, and ‘e-zee’ website visitor counters…
To get started, just enter your page’s information , set your preferences, choose one of our counter styles, and hit the ‘GET COUNTER CODE’ button. will generate a few simple lines of html code that you can cut and paste into your pages and begin tracking how many times someone has viewed your pages.


Easy Counter
Ever wonder how many people visit your website? Where they're from? What operating system they use? Put one of our free hit counters on your site and you'll have all this information at your fingertips.

Key Features

Count web page hits using only HTML
Quick and Easy installation

Detailed statistics

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They provide one of the most comprehensive selections of free, attractive and very reliable website hit counters, web page counters, traffic counters and web master tools and resources available anywhere on the Internet. Their website hit counters are extremely quick and easy to install on your website. So get started today by selecting a web site hit traffic counter from their website counter menu and start tracking hits to your website today.
The counters are available in many categories:

Finance Counters
Education Counters
Culinary Counters
Web Design Counters
Basic Hit Counters
Fancy Hit Counters
Live Stats in your Browser
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Our little widget brings you stats like no one else. It's no surprise that over 17 billion widgets have been served within our first year (and more then 100 billion in our first 2 years!), and climbing fast! If you run a website, blog or a social network, this is a tool you need.

Once you add our widget code to your pages, it immediately begins working for you. The widget will display the number of people currently browsing your website. This is not a page counter, think of it as a 'people' counter. Clicking on the widget brings you to a detailed real time stats pages, which shows:
  1. A list of pages people are currently reading. Beside each page the number of people on that page. Popular pages are near the top of the list. A list of recent readers and the pages they were or are on is also available.
  2. We know you can't monitor the widget 24/7, so we do that for you. Easily check how many people were simultaneously on your site, down to the hour.
  3. Finally, no stats page is complete without knowing where people come from. Our maps pinpoint the location for every one of your readers -- live, right down to their city!
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Monday, June 7, 2010



SpeedCounter is a free Website hit counter service that is easy to set up and comes in a range of styles:
  • Free now and always free
  • Takes only 3 minutes to set up
  • No email required
  • Dozens of fun styles to chose from
Just 3 easy steps:
  1. Enter the address of your main page
  2. Choose a website counter style and enter a starting count (optional).
  3. Paste the code that is generated to the bottom of the pages that you want to track.


Free Website Counters, Website Tools & Articles

  • Visible or Invisible Hit Counters with Stats
  • Compatible with Blogger (BlogSpot), Google Page Creator, WordPress, FreeWebs, LiveJournal, XOOPS, Xanga, and other Web site creation services
  • Large selection of visible Web counters
  • Track search engine referrals and keywords
  • View current visitors online at your site
  • Track browsers, operating systems, and many more statistics
  • Instant hit counter statistics
  • Find out the most popular pages on your Web site and visitor paths
  • Access our collection of Web site tools & our popular article directory
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Get a hit counter with over 160 designs
How to get your FREE counter::: 
  • Look through over 300 unique styles of website counters - choose the one you like best 
  • Tell us what count to start your new counter on 
  • Copy the code and paste it in the html of your website or myspace page

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Want to know what your visitors use to surf the web ? Add unique visitors browsers counter to you webpage or blog in one minute. This is simple , fast and FREE.

Visitor Details:
This is the simple widget allows to see your IP Address , Country , Web browser and Operation system.


This is a free counter allows you to see geogrphical locations of all website's visitors. Stats include top countries list , top regions list , top visitors list and recent visitors list. Just click to SIGNUP button to get free wolrd map counter HTML code for website , blog or profile.

This is a free counter allows you to see IP address , country flag of online visitors. Also you can get information about today hits , monthly hits , yearly hits and total hits for your website.


Are you looking for a reliable and professional blog counter?
Create your free web counter in seconds.
Monitor your web site visitors and view accurate free blog counter charts.
Key features of CounterTool
  •  Real Time Counting
  •  Last Referrers
  •  Variety of counter styles
  •  Operating Systems
  •  Web Browser Stats
  •  Unique Visitors 
  •  Visitor History
  •  Search Engines
  •  Unlimited Pages
  •  Lightning Fast
  •  Keyword tracking